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Max Height/Distance ERROR - very frustrating

Discussion in 'Inspire 1 Help' started by 3 Sevens, May 21, 2018.

  1. 3 Sevens

    Oct 27, 2016
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    I know this has been an issue in the past and that there was a thread about it but I cant find it so I am sorry if I am asking and this has been answered in another thread.

    We have been having this issue off and on for about 8-10 months when sometimes we take off we will
    make it 50ft in the air and all of a sudden it says max height reached or max distance reached and comes to a stop we is so frustrating. We land we power everything off and start over.

    In the past thread I had read that others that had this issue suggested to sign in out of your account, delete and reload your app etc. which we did. We thought we had found what worked best for us was to power everything down and then do the start up in reverse by starting with powering the drone on, then power on the remote and once the remote and phone connected to open the app. Usually this returns the inspire to the height and distance parameters we have set for it. But In the last month this is happening every 3 out of 4 times that we fly (we are real estate photographers and we average about 4-5 properties a day) and each time it happens it is taking any where from 2-4 attempts of landing powering down and staring over before it goes back to working fine again.
    his is getting very frustrating to have to land, power off and start over, only to keep getting the same error.

    All my apps/iPhone/inspire are all up to date. I have recently tried the delete, reinstall app as well as signing in and out of my account but it just keeps happing.

    Does anyone know of a solution yet?

    Also this has never happened with my phantom 3 or my mavic, its specific to my inspire.
  2. Advexure

    Approved Vendor

    May 1, 2015
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    Los Angeles, CA
    Sorry to hear about the issue you are running into. Is the Inspire's firmware on v01.11.01.50? I may recommend conducting a flight where you run into the error and then emailing with DJI Support to provide them with the flight log so that they can have engineering to a look at what may be triggering the change.
  3. Steve@AerialImagesPro

    Nov 6, 2015
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    I'm guessing you're using an iPad. If so, you have to make sure you're on latest OS and latest Go app.

    Otherwise with iOS apps when you close them, they don't really close, they're put to sleep. There was a problem with the Go App that when you relaunched it, it would do restrict your distance like this.

    So you had to close the app, then hit home button twice to see your background apps and swipe away the Go App. This is the only way to actially close an app on iOS...

    Then when you relaunch the app it should work. You have to do this every time you power up the inspire.

    If you have latest version, that issue has been resolved.
  4. Flying Monkey

    Oct 14, 2015
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    I too have run in to this problem. I do a lot of over the water photos and it very embarrassing when I cant get out to the boat. my Inspire1 will go 1649 feet and stops "Max distance reached" regardless of settings. I have deleted my Go app twice and every thing is up to date. I have to have the distance that was advertised or this thing is useless. I have 2 1/2 Inspire 1s and the two that I use have the same issue. By the way, whats the big deal about flying over water? about 60% of my flights are over water. I have some very cool shots where I have the camera about 1 foot off the water hauling ass! I also own a Yacht maintenance company so that's why I do a lot of over the water stuff. Hey, any body want to buy a turn key Yacht maintenance company? It is getting in the way of my Droning.
  5. ACDS

    Mar 16, 2018
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    Sakhakin island, Russia
    In the control application of the flight, the DJI GO defaults to the height and range limitation of these numbers, which you call. DJI GO into the application n-settings and change the maximum altitude and range and uncheck the checkbox.
  6. Donnie Frank

    Jun 28, 2016
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    I take a Sony bridge camera to every job for the purpose of documenting issues. Having video footage has saved me hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars and countless hours more than once. That said, I recommend the following settings for rock-solid, unfettered operation of your Inspire 1:

    App: v3.1.1
    App database: v00.00.01.04
    Aircraft: v1.8.1.00
    Remote: v1.6
    Camera: v1.8.1