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mishap... so there was this bush... not Geroge... the green thing...:D

Feb 17, 2015
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I was out flying with my cameraman today practicing to fly around a bush 360° and managed to put it right in. what happened was that I was about 20-30 m away and do not have the feeling of sight of distance yet regarding the I1 or copter. so it hit it and fell down eventually flipping on it´s back. hight was about a meter or lower since we were checking to see how low shots I can make.
after switching off the bird and thankfully no props were damaged everything went ok. kamera worked good (is still working ok) but the back side of the holder for the "z" axis (roll) axis is a little bit bent.
as for that part when I make a fast forward movement the roll axis starts to glitch because it hits the pan axis part and goes nuts.

I also attached two pics. hopefully one can see what I am talking about. you can notice in the back that it´s facing a bit away from the whole form of the gimbal.

my question is, if anyone could do a pic of the gimbal from the side so I can see the angles and maybe try to bend it back that little few millimeters that it got bent down - towards camera.

I contacted the EU service center in Germany since I am located in Hungary to see what they say. I hope I don´t have to send it in... other than the bent part the camera is working flawlessly.

20150317_191853.jpg 20150317_191905.jpg

hope this helps...
yes I think that´ll do just for reference. I think I bent the back side of the roll part where the two screws are. will try to push it back carefully I guess...
but thank you for the fast response.

I can put up the vid and where you can see what happened if anyone is interested to see a pure pilot failure... I am just not experienced enough yet. :(
I had the same problem when I crashed mine, but this time it hit the ground from about 10 feet. The gimbal mounting plate broke in half and I wasn't sure whether the gimbal was bent slightly. When I flew it post crash I thought all was well after I repaired the gimbal mounting plate, but I soon found that when the Inspire banked left or right the gimbal lost power and flopped over to one side. Thanks to this site, a few guys recommended a gimbal reset which I did.
It cured the problem and everything seems normal now, but even if the gimbal is very slightly bent the photos and videos are fine.
well mine definitely bent at the roll axis in the back. I will see and check if the camera will still glitch when bent back to it´s original position... hope I don´t have to buy another one...

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