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My RC handset is playing up and needs a smack on the bottom

Mar 30, 2015
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When flying last week, after three or so flights, the RC handset kept beeping and flashing the RED light even once the drone was turned on.

The status bar on the APP was flashing red, and saying something like "battery cell error"

I shutdown the craft and tried a new battery, this time the app showed no problems, but the controller was still playing up.

Once I started the motors the controller went normal. I was obviously spooked as the battery seemed fine in the battery monitor, and I started to suspect that the cell may be knackered in the RC.....?

Either way I flew all day with no issues, sometimes the red light and beeping would continue after the drone was on, sometimes not, (it isnt the no connection beep, the frequency was different)

And I flew the battery that supposedly gave the error n the craft, it gave no further error, and flew fine.

Any ideas?
it did it again today, just sat there beeping at me showing a red light, the inspire showed RC connection and armed and flew fine..

might there be a temp cutoff limit that its reaching?
i'll make sure I take heed of that in the future, if ever the remote plays up on a friday night I will be sure to do a little Irish Jig whilst scratching my head and staring blankly at it.

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