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Near miss - need some help.

Jul 3, 2014
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hey guys,

Just had my inspire auto land on a critical low voltage, luckily I was over a field at the time, and very close to my take off point.

What I don't understand is the battery was half full
Agg it just posted when i wasn't done

It's cold here so what I was gona say was i let the thing sit outside for a good 5 mins before taking off so the battery should have been ok with the temp...


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Ahh ok maybe that was it. Question tho why would the battery still display half full on the pilot app?
Another thing I forgot to say is it's quite worrying how the battery is effected so bad, as you can see by the screenshot it's not that cold, the Grass is green so it's not even as if its sub zero or anything. Good job I wasn't over any water that's all I can say...
Too late but you should lave looked at (and made a screenshot of) the battery info page. That would have shown the battery temp, voltage, individual cell voltages, and explained whether the battery has an issue (dead cell), temp was too low, or if the alarm was just a fluke. Hard to know now (until we finally get a tool to read the detailed flight logs, hint hint).

ALWAYS look at the info you've got when something's strange.
Na that's fine I was behind a solid fence at the time. Ok for flying above it but wasn't expecting her to land. Right on the other side of my back garden.
Same with the P2 batteries, in my experience they seem to get down to a % and just shut down and and the craft. After a frantic P2 descent, I now keep an old fleece to keep the batteries warm in.
I never screenshot it and can't remember the exact figures but I did look. The temp was around 13 and all the voltages were the same.
Sounds like it was the temp, I was faffing about with some settings so she may have sat there around 5-10 mins powered on (no props)

I just think it's pretty bad that there's no warning and a false batt display meter.

Inaccurate instruments are worse than none.
Well guys just an update to bottom this one out...

Today i flew without incident and got a full battery worth out of her with no wonky readings or autolands.

I can only surmise that the 5-10 min sit out yesterday in 1-2 deg compromised the battery big style... (Like 4-5 mins flight time)

Today i left it till the very last min to put the battery in to the bird, and while i was fudging about with the app i kept the battery in my pocket. Seemed to work flawlessly

Just let the above be a warning tho, to be bloody well careful on cold days and watch your time between putting the battery out in the elements and starting your motors. If that had happened to me over water it would of been curtains to Mr Inspire...

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