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New Inspire 1 Pro / X5.... New friends!

Aug 15, 2020
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Hey everyone My name is Jason and I’m new to the page but not new to Piloting. Ive has several nice DJI P/Mavics most recently the MavMini I hail from the not so beautiful Southern California City of Van Nuys. However I am currently filming a reality TV show traveling across the country we’ve been filming with Mavic minis But I just came across it Inspire 1 Pro with X5. It’s definitely a different beast but the force is strong in this one. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions...
Thank you so much Inspired eagle. This trip I’m on, and this career I’ve Dreamed of has been nothing short of amazing. I know I will have lots of questions and I’m gonna need some help. Is there a way to DM on this site? While I have much experience in the flight and control of DJI drones such as Phantom 4 Pro and the current project tool the Mavic Mini. Coming across this Inspire 1 Pro/X5 was an awesome find. However my camera and setting skills/experience are lacking in ways that make this a perfect opportunity to learn and to sharpen my knowledge for future projects. We are heading towards Indiana as we speak with a show Called the GREAT GRASS RACE (FB) on on your browser @MENACEVISION.COM. Check it out and maybe we will be passing by you here within a few weeks. Check out our site and get back to me when you can wrap your head around this idea! 5 teams of 2 contestants are riding lawnmowers across the country at 5.5 miles an hour for a chance at $100,000. And a spot in GMA in mid October. Check it out and get back to me.
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I'm not even 60 miles from you in coastal ventura. I1, P4, MA2 pilot It's not 100 out here.

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