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New movie of a office building for sale, need Tips!

That feeling when you look at somebody elses movie, and you can almost see your house in it.. :D

World is small. Great video :)
I can give advice on a few things I noticed.

1. Do not include yourself in the picture. ;)
2. Try to get a more steady cam sliding. As it is now it´s hack and going back and forth sometimes.
3. Try to catch the environment/surroundings a little more, what's around the house.
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Nice shots, but it's not only the outside that counts. The Inside is also important.
Some shots from the inside wil make it complete.
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One additional comment over what others have suggested is to transition between shots with something other than just a hard cut. Do some sort of blending.
I'll second what the first two replies said. Stay smooth, be OCD and get some indoor shots.

Also, ground shots outside can show things the drone cannot, like cloud time lapses, etc.

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