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new pilot, help with matrice 100 operation/flight log analisys etc.

Discussion in 'Matrice 100' started by Brad P, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Brad P

    Jun 3, 2016
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    im a pilot flying with a company that now owns a matrice 100. Today we had an incident that resulted in some damage and Id like to know if the flight logs can be analyzed like the phantom 3 logs. Or if you have other advise on how to research for the cause of the incident. Because I dont own the bird, I don't have access to all the software versions in use, but can ask for the details.
    Today the pilot launched, hovered and was testing for positive control at about 10 feet. The matrice then listed to the side (on it's own) and descended to the ground fairly hard. The pilot reported the listing to the side was not from stick input (pilot error). After on the ground the GO app reported some motor/prop issues and i would expect that to be from the props digging into the ground. No other error messages present.
    The IMU was cal'd at a different location days ago. The compass was cal'd at the flight location today. All systems in dji go app showed ready for flight prior to launch. The device was an apple iphone (6 i think). The matrice firmware had been updated a few days ago.(not sure if IMU was cal'd after the update) The battery showed 56 percent in the go app. This was to be a short test flight for the pilot.
    I'm am a phantom 3 pro pilot and experience RC pilot. But I'm a bit stumped on why this happened. If I'm not correct on how the matrice system works, pls advise. (I'm speaking from a phantom point of view)

    Apologies for not having all the details, I'm only reaching out for some initial thoughts.