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New video from the noob. C&C please.

I think you did a great job.. its a difficult subject matter to keep in the frame/shot and you did bloody well

keep up the good work
Thanks so much.
One thing I've been doing to help learn how to maneuver the i1, is set up 8 pool noodles on stakes in my yard and practice flying through them, slalom around them and finally through a half circle hoop at the end.
I set them up as 2 rows of 4 approximately 1.5 meters apart (side to side as well as front to back). The hoop is made of 3 pool noodles connected linearly and staked on either end into the ground as well
Practise makes perfect.. and too many people just fly and waste valuable air time with the inspire..

taking great video's that will be there for years to come.. is far more rewarding
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