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New Zealand Pilots?

Wow - EX Cape Towner....
What is it like?
I have to be honest - the family and I are looking .....
I assume you mean what's NZ like? It is a great country scenically, without too many issues, being small with a smallish population. Great outdoor way of life. Great for bringing up children. Unlikely to be overrun by refugees. Will take 2 years to feel like you have settled but that's would be the same anywhere you go. Yeah it is a great place.
We love the outdoors, I guess work is the biggest challenge. I come from an Engineering / IT background. I'm currently the global IT manager for a Mining Project house, but am changing my industry and wanting to work from home, or work in a smaller environment. So I'm on a year’s sabbatical and running an engraving company that I've owned for 10 years. Actually want to make Components for FPV and the Inspire.
hi all. Inspire V2 pilot here. this is my first drone and I am adhering to the Part 101 and if I need to, I will apply for 102.... and start charging people $$$$$$$ if they want me to take some shots.

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