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Nvidia Sheild Pro

I have the nvidia shield, its pretty **** good, has built in screen recording so you can record the actual flight real time on tablet showing you all of the Pilot settings during flight, this function alone has proved my inspire zero altitude reading at takeoff changes at landing, my last flight there was a 12m difference to the zero altitude by the time I landed in the same place. Unless your prepared to jailbreak your iPad you can record the screen.
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This is a console. Not much use for use with your Inspire.

There is the tablet and it is perfect for the Inspire 1. It is not a reco brand but performs well. There have been some crash issues but most people run into something with any brand.

There will be the Trega X1 version in 2015 which will pretty much trump the competition in performance. Cheers!!

Edit: here is a possible teaser.

Nvidia shield owner.
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Yes, we know there is a tablet. I have one. This is a console though. There has been no new Shield tablet announced.

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