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Used Inspire 1 Remote issues

Mar 15, 2024
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For the Inspire 1:

I'm trying to solve connection issues between the remotes (both gl658A) and the app (DJI Go v. 3.1.80)
I have a compatible tablet (Nvidia Sheid) and have tried a Pixel 7 Pro, and a OnePlus 3 and different cables with the same results.
The slave remove's status light shows purple (set up as slave and connected.) The master shows a red status light (remote okay but not connected to aircraft.)
When I restart the Inspire, the master, attempts to connect (quick cycling between red and green) and finally settles on red. Neither shows up in the Go app.
I purchased the Inspire 1 used. Both remotes were preset in their roles when I got them.

Optionally Is there a way to force the slave controller into master mode?

If the main board is bad, would the aircraft still go thru a firmware update and write logs to the sdcard? Could this be a mismatched firmware issue?

I may need to replace the hdmi / usb module in the remotes. Looking around online and the prices are a bit steep. Is there another way to go about fixing this issue?

Logs: WM610_FW_RESULT_AB.txt---Result: Success.========== 2014.01.01 00:00 - Pastebin.com
I can't answer everything here, but the slave can definitely be reset to a master remote. Any Inspire 1 remote can perform either role.
Thank you for your answer, the main issue at this point is the app not connecting with the remote. Only thing I can think of at this point is the usb board.

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