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Phantom Angel battery manager review...

Jun 28, 2016
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Hey doods!

So my Phantom Angel finally arrived. I will do a quick review, which will align with other reviews. I'm just going to list bullet points. I have the "Dual." I chose "Phantom" and "Inspire" battery management.

The good:

* The Phantom Angel does what it's supposed to do. It does all 4 functions perfectly, which are to set Phantom and/or Inspire batteries to storage capacity, or drain them fully.
* Elegant design; The Phantom Angel is a simple design that does what it should.
* QAQC; The Phantom Angel has a look and feel of quality. It leaves me with the impression it will outlast my droning career.
* Because M600 batteries so closely resemble Inspire 1 batteries, I can also manage M600 batteries via the Phantom Angel. This is a huge bonus, because M600 batteries must be run 6 at a time and can NOT be run or managed individually via the drone, they are nearly impossible to mange properly - especially if you replace one of the batteries. Or, god forbid, mix a battery from one set into another set. In this regard, the Phantom Angel is a real game changer.

The bad:

* Slow shipping. Paid for February 25th. Delivered April 26th. That is a long, long time.
* It's easy to make a mistake. To switch from Inspire to Phantom battery management, one must:
* Change the cable
* Change the light bulb
* Change the switch
* If one forgets any one of these three things, they will get unexpected results. And in some situations I assume can cause damage to either the battery, the Phantom Angel or the light bulb.

Wish list for v2:

* Obviously, every time one changes bulbs, one risks breaking the bulb or buggering up the socket. This risk can be mitigated with two bulb sockets so bulbs can simply be left in place so that simply throwing the switch accesses one bulb or the other.
* That shipping expectations and company location be strongly indicated on the Phantom Angel website in plain sight in a large font. As it stands, that information is not available no matter how hard one searches.
* That they be re-engineered to accommodate three batteries. OR....simply offer a "triple" model. If such a beast existed, I would've paid extra money for it so I could also manage my Mavic Pro batteries.
* A larger glove. I can barely get the included glove on my hand - and my hands are not that large. Yes, this is extremely minor, but worth mentioning IMHO.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and the support I received from John (never corresponded with Alex). Everything about this product - including packaging - is top notch. I would buy again. Worth the $156 purchase price. I have over 40 batteries to manage, so I may not be a typical use case.

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Newby to the Inspire
When draining the battery, is it normal that it gets really hot?
I have not put mine in the air yet. Should I expect a full flight to heat up the battery as well?
In my travels, heat is not good for a battery.
Just my view.

I use a 50w lamp. Takes longer, but, almost no heat. Just fyi ...
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In my travels, heat is not good for a battery.
Just my view.

I use a 50w lamp. Takes longer, but, almost no heat. Just fyi ...
In general, the heat generation within the batteries at normal temperature is associated with charge transfer and chemical reactions during charging and discharging.
Heat is generated inside the batteries, and understanding the heat generation is critical in minimizing the high temperature effects, your way is safe, but doesnt mean other ways aren't safe!
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