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POI update for Inspire 2

Feb 18, 2017
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Has anyone heard when we will get an update of the POI feature for the Inspire 2.

I just started using that on my P4P, and then quickly realized it is not there for the I2 yet.

Heard that DJI was supposed to update for this "soon" - but soon was a while ago

Thanks in Advance!
Yeah...my P3P has it...but my I2 which costs three times as much doesn’t. Although I would like to have it, it seems if they added it to another firmware update, POI would work and multiple new problems would happen. As someone here said once upon a time: “The I in DJI stands for innovation”. I’ve come to learn us owners have become the prototype testers for DJI... pretty clever on their part, but not so good on the end user. Oh well it’s kind of like Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day. [emoji3]
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The owners are not just prototype testers, but according to US Homeland Security, we are also spying for the Chinese Government, providing surveillance footage data, everywhere we fly and film with their drones. I don't believe what the Homeland Security report says is true, but the report is published and available to the public, so you can judge for yourselves.
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I believe it on some level...Frank and company have access to all data as soon as you power up, now what they do with it...who knows. I’ve thought for a long time...there is room for and American built and supported aircraft...you could never compete with $400 phantoms, but who wants to. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into a design, but it’s a steep hill. There are USA airframe builders, but they still use DJI flight controllers. I’m just a minnow in the sea, but still moving forward with a design.
Come on to say they have access to everything as soon as you turn it on is rather extreme, what DJI have stated is they only have the flight data you give them so if you do not sync logs then they don’t have that info, the guys who have hacked the app and firmware have also stated they are not steeling any data, Some random diagnostic data appears to go back from the app but that’s not at all personal or anything different than you phone sends to google or Apple.

If there was evidence of DJI pulling data back the slack guys would post it so what we have is a statement from DJI that has not been disputed by the guys who should be more than happy too right now.

Yet still people don’t seem to believe it, those statements out of the US are political and not based on a reality as may can see just from some of the accusations.

Tin foil for all it seems.
I think the answer in my opinion is two fold...first I cannot imagine with the level of sophistication that exists in DJI equipment that if they wanted to they could access any data they want. Second why would they want to? And in my case, they would become very familiar with my neighborhood, and lakefront scenery..even if they did see that, I don’t care, as most of my work ends up as demo reels on social media to promote my business.
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