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Possible (theoretical) cool feature for the future???

May 8, 2014
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Flight Macro (for those that are familiar with computer terms) --> Record flight path followed by autonomous playback of recorded path.

I've never used the way-points features of other crafts but from what I have heard I think this would be different as it would record height/distance/tight turns etc etc taking reading as fast as possible every second of the flight path. (this seems as if it is already being done... go playback your flight on the app after you are done.. ;-) )
  1. Would be cool if you could activate a "record flight" mode.
  2. Navigate the craft through the path you want and then stop "record flight" mode
  3. Activate "playback mode" and with this activation would be options of playing back the recorded flight at a configurable yet set/constant speed (say 10%, 30%, 70%.... you get the picture).
  4. Craft would navigate through the recorded path and as it does your controller could be toggled into camera control mode (of course there would need to be quick and readily available options to put it back in flight control mode)
This would give you a chance to get some of those cool Dual op mode shots with only a single op!!

With this, there would of course need to be software safeguards.
  1. Mandate a certain amount of satellites be communicated with during record mode. If this does not happen. craft would need to bail out of and not allow this functionality at that location.
  2. If a certain number of satellites being communicated with drops below a certain number during playback, automatic cancel of playback would need to be initiated and craft would go into hover mode while you regain manual flight control.
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Sounds like a great idea in theory.

But it'd also have to require a certain height for flight, so that people don't record a flight path low to the surface where people, animals, boats, etc. may be in the way the second time around.
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