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Putting back to travel mode problems

Apr 16, 2015
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Do you guys hold your Inspire when putting it back into travel mode? I have been doing this but sometimes the landing gear will go all the way up or all the way down. Am I doing something wrong?
I´m just putting the Inspire on the case and then entering travelmode.

The sensors maybe feel that it is airborn, when you hold it..
The material of the case is pretty smooth, so it's no problem.

Just keep an eye on it from sliding off.. ;)
I think what your describing is a safety mode, if the Inspire isn't on a fixed surface, it thinks its still airborne or something, I had this when I held it, but overtime since i've left it on a solid flat surface and it goes into travel mode no problem.
@butters149 - yes, I was doing the same thing as you - hold the bird about a foot off the ground then trying to switch to travel mode. Experienced the same issue because (like @Cheeky Monkey says) I think it "knows" when it isn't on the ground and assumes it is in flight. I started leaving it on the ground again for travel mode transitions and it's fine now.
This happens to me also. Once in a while my inspire will put itself into travel mode as well, with the camera attached. Yep, not good.

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