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Remote powered off.... 500m out

Feb 9, 2015
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Mersea Island
Hi all,

I experienced quite a scary phenomena last night flying the inspire. I was flying out about 500m away over water, minding my own business filming. Then on screen it just went blank, with the status going grey and saying disconnected. After nearly having a heart attack assuming it must have dropped out of the sky, i looked a little further down to discover my controller had turned it's self off. It had a full charge, so no problem there. After realising this I turned it back on, it reconnected with the app on my iPad, and all went back to normal, all be it had entered it's fail safe so was heading home. I can't think what could possibly cause it. it was right at the end of my visual range so could barely see the dot, so can not confirm what was going on. Has anyone else had any similar incident? is it a known bug?

All firmware was completely up to date.

Hopefully if nothing else this may help others to avoid it if there is a cause!
Its all connected "Firmware wise" :rolleyes:

Sure, but I still find it difficult to see how a battery in the drone, can shut down the RC.
If it is firmware related, so it's probably more likely the firmware for the RC, that is the problem.

That you have seen several that have T47, is probably because it is the most common battery used.
I did try searching, Thanks for the link DaBone. Keywords bring up the many other threads on this forum that mention any part of this issue. I just needed to tell people, you'd rather that than I kept quiet?

It was a TB47 incase there is some strange link.
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So if you switch of the remote it tells the drone to come home.. ye thats firmware that does that.
If you switch of the drone the remote has no connection to the drone... ye thats firmware that does that.

Whos to know that if the battery has a firmware "bug" it could(it shouldn't) switch the remote off and activate RTH????

If you turn off the RC in flight, the signal disappears and activates the RTH.
If you turn off the drone in flight, it falls to the ground. ;)
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Another interesting thing to check is the serial number.
Perhaps a batch of RC that is bad ..
In electronic systems and computing, firmware is "the combination of a hardware device, e.g. an integrated circuit, and computer instructions and data that reside as read only software on that device". As a result, firmware usually cannot be modified during normal operation of the device.[1] Typical examples of devices containing firmware are embedded systems (such as traffic lights, consumer appliances, and digital watches), computers, computer peripherals, mobile phones, and digital cameras. The firmware contained in these devices provides the control program for the device.

My business is coding and I've come across bugs that do weird things, if you can't comprehend what the hardware and software does.. stop wasting the space on this....

or if you feel you can't do that? ill just not waste my time and good luck

Some people go right after the most difficult errors and solutions, while others begin looking for the most likely and easier errors.
There does appear to be a bit of a trend appearing with RC's switching off. I do not recall any reports of this anomoly prior to the most recent update.
@Tahoe Ed have you heard any update on this since you received the flight logs from a user who suffered this?
Is it only iOS related or are there reports of occurances on both platforms?

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