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Inspire 2 weather shutdown?

Oct 27, 2023
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Hello All,
In the beginning of March I was in Big Bear CA. There were extremely heavy winds except the morning I was to leave. I got out the I2 and tried to fly it. The weather was cold with soggy light snow. Got a few feet off the ground and part of the DJI Go4 software went black. It didn't look like a malfunction, but some sort of safety feature to keep you from flying in bad weather. Let me describe... On the ground everything looked fine in the DJIGo4 app (I use an ipad and standard controller). When I got 3 ft of the ground the screen was black where the controls were supposed to be. But up in the left corner were what looked like 2 photos of something. I still could control the aircraft with the sticks. But I couldn't take photos/videos or see any telemetry. What was happening? I tried flying twice and the same thing happened each time. Was it because of weather? Something else?

No I only have 1 ipad. I could have tried to fly off my phone, but I didn't think of it. When I came back home from the trip, the ipad had no problem.
Apple uses batteries in its devices that do not supply the ipad with the necessary current in freezing weather, causing errors such as lack of ipad performance. I also use apple and in winter the battery gets cold and the image transfer in dji go 4 starts to chop and after a while the image stops transferring (this happens to me in 3°).

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