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repair costs?

Dec 18, 2019
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I have been a member over on the mavic forum for a while, and its unfortunate that my first post here is for a crash. Well a couple weekends ago I was flying my inspire 2 with x5s, and suddenly and for the first time ever had the image glitch and then rapidly deteriorate into a full on spin with total loss of control. Once the camera started to spin I tried to gain altitude, but nothing happened, and the crash happened very soon after. The sd card file was corrupt, but I was able to see the flight that was saved on my crystal sky monitor. Here is a link to that.
. The camera took the brunt of the impact, suffering a bent gimbal arm and cracked camera housing, while the inspire now has a broken right arm and vibration board. Any Ideas on the cost of repairing this?
Feb 22, 2015
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New York
the arm can actually be repaired with a simple inner liner and epoxy .... did it to two inspire 1 with no problems, still functional years later , the camera will likely need replacing!
May 26, 2017
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Do you know why it loss control to begin with? I would say the camera and gimbal are a total loss (you can buy a used one for around $1250). You could probably repair the broken arm cheaply but if you don't know why it went down it would be a gamble sending it up again. Does it start up and if so what errors are on the screen?
Jul 21, 2019
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X5s camera damage is reparable, DJI priced around $300 US and up, it’s the flight controller that is about $1k US for the part, seems they burn up when the camera gets damaged while recording, also the battery box which holds the SSD card might malfunction.

Also if anything is scratched like a motor case DJI will want to replace it and change for it.
$1000 to $1400 to fix an I2, DJI does provide discounts ask for it.

Good luck.
Feb 12, 2015
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I can tell you this about a year ago my I2 tapped a tree branch, fairly high up. The whole thing was fairly lost. I am pretty good at fixing things and evaluated what it would take to repair the unit. It ended up being something like $1000.00 in parts and then the camera was a mess, I broke the arm off and a motor was messed up, so I was looking to buy a used 5x, at the end of the day it would have cost something like 2300 to fix it all. I then did go to a local drone builder that in the past they worked on DJI product. The tech at the time told me it probably would not be a bad thing just to send it in to DJI to fix, He also told me he felt the cost would be lower then I though.

He was right the Inspire total fix was something like $425 and the camera was $180, basically how it was explained to me is that you send in your product, they will look it over and evaluate what is broken determine what parts it would need to fix it, then they basically would keep your broken product to be repaired and then send out an already repaired off the shelf replacement.

I am not sure exactly how they really do do it but they basically turned around my repair in a week, the camera was great but the Inspire 2 I had to send back in, over all I feel they did not properly bench test the unit, and in my original testing of the of the replaced unit, I found my imu cooling fan was not working properly, the unit was over heating and bricking up 14 min after start up. I found this because in my bench test I like to turn on a unit for at lease the maximum time the unit can be airborne before actually flying them.

In doing so I found this issue before getting it into the air, unfortunately DJI now took another 10 days to get my unit back, but considering the alternative, the my savings of having to buy an complete new unit $4500 over a $700 fix I felt it was a good deal.

My advice it may be worth sending your camera unit in for repair and you may be suprised on the cost to repair it, also looking at your video, I would be careful.... that dose not look like a camera problem, the camera is linked into the aircrafts IMU. Off what I see there if it was not a broken prop

I have a feeling your problem is internally in your bird. It may be worth sending the whole thing in to be looked at. At lease if you do that DJI will be on the hook for your repair if something happens right after you get it back, at the same time they may be able to download actual flight logs and get an answer on what may have happened.

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