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UK RPA Observers Required - London & Southern England

May 22, 2015
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London, UK
Hi everyone,

I'm an RPQ-s qualified UAV pilot, flying an Inspire 1, and together with my business partner we've set up a company in order to carry out our aerial work. Our application for a PfaW has been sent to the CAA by our NQE, which we hope to receive in a few weeks.

We are now looking for RPA Observers in order to assist us with EVLOS and Night Flight operations. Initially, we are not advertising a full time job - as a new company, this will be "as and when" to begin with so may suit someone with flexible hours. However, we do of course hope and anticipate that workflow will quickly grow to the point where this may become full time employment.

The attributes which we're looking for in potential RPA Observers are:
* Good health - must be able to stand for several hours, and able to lift heavy loads
* Good eyesight - must have 20/20 vision
* Intelligent and motivated.
* Must have own car and a valid driving licence.

If you're interested, please send an email to [email protected], with a brief resume or CV, and include a covering letter explaining why you're interested in drones and what your personal experience with them is. We'll then be in touch and, if suitable, will arrange a meeting to discuss the finer details. Please note all training will be provided, and no previous experience as an RPA Observer is required (although obviously any drone related experience is advantageous).

Best Regards,
Oliver Martin

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