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RTF Ready to Fly DIY Inspire Case for Under $80!

Oct 12, 2013
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San Diego
Hi all,

Thought I would share the case I made for my Inspire and some info on how you can make one.
Except for the quick release props, its RTF. The case I used could actually have the props on but I prefer to store without them on. However, the gimbal is left on and the landing gear is in fly mode.

I started with this Home Depot "Mobile Job Box" which is $54

This case is ideal for me to keep in my van or car to go to flying sites. It has a retracting handle and big sturdy wheels.

Next I bought about $25 worth of white upholstery foam from an upholstery shop. After cutting the foam (kinda a ***** actually) I spray painted the top part (see pics) and the top of the main foam. On top of the main bottom foam I
glued some foam tool box liner (available on Amazon or Harbor Freight Tools for about 7 bucks.) I also velcroed my extra memory cards and the ND filter to the lid of the case. I keep all the random stuff in the included tool box. It doesn't move around enough to matter to me.

See pics on how I arranged the batteries, RC, and quad. The iPad Air 2 and the sun shade are located under the tool insert. I may slide the iPad into the side though.

Hope this idea is helpful for others! No need to spend $400-$500 bucks on a case. I plan to use the DJI case for when I fly. I also have a backpack system for the DJI case so its better for when I on trips anyway. This one is for my car or sidecar motorcycle.

Hit me up if you have any questions!IMG_6960.JPGIMG_6961.JPGIMG_6963.JPGIMG_6967.JPGIMG_6968.JPGIMG_6959.JPGIMG_6964.JPG
I am in the process in modifying this husky case from home depot to fit the inspire in ready to fly mode (props on) , along with better handle and inflatable wheels.
I have to admit, it's pretty cool. I love the fact that you can store while in RTF mode.

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I recommend getting to solid tool box liner for over the foam. I happened to have the mesh kind but gluing that was not idea.
I might switch that part. A previous poster mentioned replacing the wheels and handle but I find both to be fine.
Can you post the interior dimensions of the box? Any way to leave props on?
Yes, the props can stay on if you build the Inspire in the middle but the space is too close for comfort since I have quick release props and it take all of 15 seconds to get em all on. Instead I have the area to the right (under the "tool" tray) empty to accommodate a future small drone. : )
I followed FlyDog's creative idea and bought the same 25 Gallon Mobile Job Box. Unlike FlyDog's build I happen to have my old foam from my Pelican case and put it to good use.

Oh and I also upgraded my controller with a TX Tray. Hopefully no more worries of the iPad slipping off and falling.

Being worried that the gimbal would move around too much I improvised a place holder.

Final result. I placed some extra foam to cover and secure the batteries so they would not slip off.

Just to add. Here is that came for the controller.

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So I got my husky case this past weekend... I have not started working on it yet cause I am gonna look around at some different foam options,but i am looking forward to getting it going. I think it's gonna be sweet!!! And so much cheaper then getting a GPC case. I'm sure that the GPC is prolly better, but since I don't travel by plane very often this is a good compromise between an everyday case and a GPC. I think that with the right foam setup, it would even suffice being checked baggage in the rare event that I do fly commercial. Thanks again a Flydogs!!!

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I'm going to be Finishing up mine this weekend. Thank you for the idea flydogs

Also only payed about 75 for everything


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Started working on my case this evening. I decided that I wanted a solid seperator fro the inspire and the "misc storage" space... Took an old server lid that is strong and mounted it in the case to give good separation, plus a good center wall for the foam to push against. I did not want to interfere with the shape of the case by torquing down screws through the walls, but did not have much choice if I wanted a truly solid wall... So, I took the multi nut on the bolt approach. Basically made "studs" through the case wall, and the secured the trimmed server case wall to itself with extra nuts... Sounds confusing the way I am explaining it, but here are some pics of what I am talking about. Thanks again for the great idea Flydogs!!!!!!



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One other thing I am planning... Once I have my foam cut to fit my stuff, I am gonna break out my girly side and go to the fabric store. Gonna look for either black spandex, or really soft cotton material and upholster the foam so it looks all pretty like ;) I think it is gonna turn out sweet when I am all done. Storage area will house misc goods, and all of the gear for my secondary FPV setup.


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