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SDK Anyone?

Yes, the documentation is non existent so it's a case of building your app in small blocks with a lot of trial and testing steps.

What's your plans??
The SDK does not allow you to extend the functionality of the DJI Pilot App.

It will allow you to create a new app from scratch. It's a huge amount of work just to get to a basic app that's safe to use in my opinion.
Oh, that sucks. I just applied for the developers SDK for Enterprise. I may play around with it just to see how difficult it really is. I have gotten to know one of the U.S. National Grid people through numerous emails and he may be able to find someone to help me with the programming. It would be nice to have the USNG map overlay available for all DJI owners that are available for search and rescue operations.
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Sounds like a great idea and as a 333 holder with specific mention of search and rescue ops we would love to see it. Might I suggest contacting one of the current 3rd party app developers (autoflightlogic, drone deploy) and talking about collaborating with them? Good luck!
Okay, got in touch with Drone Deplay and spoke with Ian Smith. They can make the US National Grid display, but NOT on the DJI app. Here is his reply: "
I spoke with my engineers and it seems that it wouldn't be too much of a problem to build that into our service. It would be on our DroneDeploy app though—not DJI Pilot.".
Their app is currently designed for agriculture, construction and mining. Who knows... maybe they can get search and rescue added to their app. After-all, they use mostly a grid system for their aerial mapping and it would work really well for S&R. I will work with him and let you know what I find out.
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