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Shaking camera when the wing's up seems fixed

great find.
it looks good to me now,cool.
i noticed that there was also a post stating that you can use the app now to pan the camera,i think it means you can pan with only one remote now. all i need now is to hear that ground station is on it and i will be happy.

how can you say by this video ? how do you know this is latest video with final product.
Agreed, the video shows super slow motion and we can still see some movement, but less obvious given the reduced speed. Having said this, I don't mind the shaking that much as I would not be filming during transformation. Not sure why people are getting caught up on this so much.
As someone who's very interested in buying the product, the jitter amounts to wear and tear over time, possibly shortening the life of the part. It's that simple. It could be a moot point by now anyway. I hope it is. But it's not about filming, it's about the longevity of that gimbal under that stress.
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