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SHOU failure and cannot download

Chances are they had their security certificate revoked (common issue when an app won't install). If it's working again, they found a new one. :)
Well the problem seems to be back today. On launch the app looks like it loads then quits. Double click to see what's running and the Shou window shows up but quits when clicked.

Download link not functioning as well. Must be their server is down and app if previously installed checks the server then fails to load.

Anybody else have the problem today?
Are you kidding me? So Much information lost if you can't recorded the screen. When S_it goes a bit wrong you can learn a lot for that data. Then again maybe you just can't be bothered!

I can be bothered if it works, but the I1 app tells me enough and I don't need something else that doesn't quite work as it should all the time.
Granted the intermittent issue is a pain and wish it was more reliable. But watching playback of that additional data and being able to step through the flight and watch things that happened in the display that might go un noticed in real time makes it a must for me.
I use shou app 100% of flights and still never had an issue. I leave my iPad in permanent airplane mode. No wifi, mail, updates, or downloads. Bought and used only for this inspire. Shou has never not worked for me. Can always hop on quick and download a map and hop off too. Has never affected me.
You can live broadcast with it as well. It's pretty cool. I hope the developer gets the recorder app install working again for folks who would like to screen record or broadcast their screens.
Agree with all the above, but I did 6 flights in 6 different locations on Sunday in an congested area and, sorry the last thing I need if an app will or won't work. If it works for you as it did me a few weeks ago great, pleased for you. But it hasn't for me. Just saying.
I use shou app 100% of flights and still never had an issue. I leave my iPad in permanent airplane mode..

Well that kills my theory that it needs to "sign on".
Will try killing the wifi before launching the app and see what happens. (App downloads started working again late Sunday)
Fyi on Shou for iOS status. I REALLY wish Apple would allow apps to screencast/record like this.

Maybe DJI could add the option to include the Pilot screen itself in Live streams. Don't know if the APIs would allow them to do that either but it would be super sweet to have this capability built in. Sigh.

Android +1, iOS - 0 on this one.

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Once updated to iOS 8.3, 8.2, and iOS 8.1.3 are not jailbreakable. There is no way to downgrade from iOS 8.3, 8.2, or 8.1.3 to earlier versions.
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