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Some quick questions...

Jan 16, 2021
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Hey guys, I just got a used Inspire 1 Pro setup. It looks to be somewhat used, but the batteries only show 40, 32 and 38 charges respectively. They are 2 TB47s and 1 TB48.

In checking things out, I noticed that the TB48 was showing some sort of error in DJI Go and said it required rebalancing. It instructed to discharge the battery to 5% or lower and then to charge it and again discharge it to the same level.

For reference the TB48 showed 4978mAh capacity (87%) and I ran it down until all the cells showed 3.70v. I am letting it cool to room temp and will then charge it back up and then reduce it back to the same level. Any issues with doing this?

The other two TB47s show proper charge with 3627mAh (81%) available on the one with 40 charges and 3815mAh (85%) available on the one with 32 charges.

Can I assume this bird has lower hours on it and that the batteries are in reasonable shape?

Turns out that the bird had a set of scratches on the top of the white plastic canopy. It has has some scratches on the right arm t-bracket on the outside, so I have no idea if it was crashed or not.

My next question is in regards to the propellers. It came with a set of used props and a set of brand new props in the boxes.

How long do propellers last, do they get brittle and should be replaced after some time?

Are the ones ion the boxes still useable (age question still applies)?

The only reason I ask is because it is a big drone and as such I want to make sure it doesn't have any "maintenance" related issues that I could have taken care of.

I will be ordering a new nose and a new upper cowl to replace the scratched stuff.

Lastly, everything is on the latest firmware from DJI. Previous owner updated it all. Are they any known issues/limitations with the latest, or should I look into downgrading everything (sounds like 1.8.x.x AC and 1.6.x RC is the sweet-spot???)

What about the X5, should that have the firmware changed out?

Last item is the controller, it is a GL658B revision. Anything to worry about? Should I look for a different revision? Especially if I am wanting to do a Master/Slave setup???

Thanks again for any/all input on any of these subjects.
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Well, I did some investigating... Turns out it is an actual Inspire 1 Pro. It has the proper 3510H motors (2 screw mounts instead of 4 for the 3510), has the 1345T prop quick releases, etc.

I did send off the serial number to have it verified, but I felt good enough about it I ordered a "like new" GL658C controller to use as the Master in a dual-controller setup. The serial number dates to December 1, 2015, so that is within the range for it being sold as an early Pro along with the T601 higher-powered transmitter being still labeled as a T600 with the FCC ID of 1410.

I also ordered up new plastic upper cowl and nose along with a set of stickers to make it look like new.

I will be downgrading to the 1.8.x.x UAS firmware and 1.6.x controller firmware when I get a chance.
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This tells me that I need to stay away from used drones. If a mechanical guy like you didn't spot the issues before the purchase, then a guy like me doesn't stand a chance.
Well, honestly I did just drive 4 hours to pick up the setup in the middle of winter, and due to covid we covered everything outside in the cold. I also did not get the impression the guy was trying to scam me. As I said the camera calibrated and functions, so it is on me for not spotting it.

I also did get the setup for a really good deal; which should have been a red flag itself. That is why I wasn't concerned about the scratches and stuff, since I knew just about all the parts for these drones are readily available outside of the batteries. As they say, sometimes you get what you pay for.
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