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Taking off from aluminium surface, any risk I don't know off?

Jul 17, 2014
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I don't think aluminum interferes with the IMU and compass. But maybe someone has already done some testing, flying from an aluminium boat...,.or a Landrover Defender roof?

The reason I ask is that I am the happy owner of a 110CSW Defender (driving and endorsing them for over 20 years already), which body is completely made out of aluminium. It is 'safari ready' equipped with winch, raised rear shocks and coil springs, raised air intake and what not. But also with a sturdy and very large aluminium roof rack. There's more than enough space stand or sit on and to take off and land on the roof. Why would I want that?
Well, it just might be great to have a mobile raised take off platform for different situations. It could be safer at times, not to have to take of or land from the ground. On the roof there's a better unobstructed view. And with the Defender I can wonder far from any main road and fly from places I would normally not want to walk to, provided I'm allowed to take it off road at the location.

I could even sit on the roof and take off and land from the engine hood (with a foldable wooden board attached on it). Would look like a four wheel drive aircraft carrier.

Should be awesome, after having my company name all over the beast.

Going to find out if it makes any sense at all. Maybe it's not workable, maybe it's a golden idea.
But if anyone has some negative experience with aluminium I would be helped to know.
I'm only looking for actual experience, not hear say....:cool:
But friendly advise, always welcome!
There are no issues, I've taken off from aluminum boats. You can take off from a solid chunk of steel if you want, just don't calibrate your compass next to it, though being 3 feet away probably wouldn't affect it anyway.

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