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Testing the "DJI Ultimate Flight" app

Feb 17, 2015
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hi guys,

I thought I open a new thread and make a little test report on the app I got myself yesterday.. or the day before... :)

so I downloaded the "ultimate flight" app version 3.
upon opening it says Phatom all over and there is no sign of the Inspire... on the play store it states Phantom/ Inspire 1...

ok, once open you have three icons... a PHANTOM a a Map and a compass icon. the setting is on the top right corner and if you had your phantom connected once you can find it with the three dots on the very top right which normally is indicated as a "menu" -for my understanding... but lets go on...

the settings menu is somewhat speaking for its self..s.
you have the general, flight modes, camera, speech, home point, warning limits, flight log, keyboard, advanced and the debug...

you can play around in them and it stays the way (not connected to the Inspire).
once you fire it all up it connects but my video was a huge peace of some green and jitter digital Sh*t... as I found out later my bitrate was set to high... which I thought would be working but I was wrong I guess...
so setting it back to the minimum I got some video feed but until I got there the app crashed twice. once upon booting first time and second while setting back the the bitrate of the video feed to minimum. getting back to the app I had a HUGE lag which was unusable for anything you would like to.
the camera setting are non existent or I am just blind because I could not adjust anything only the shutter on the R/C but no chance for ISO or other things like resolution or color settings or ANYTHING else...

as for me I will not use this app until it is thought through REALLY in detail and not something whacked together like this. the basic idea is good and if it would work it would need some improvements and maybe also be worth the money... for my point I also think my phone is a bit in fault here but still, the app is missing some major things foremost the video lag and the camera settings feature.

I will ask back for my money because it is unusable for me in this state of work. I will also include the mobizen recording I did during the test and flight I made and you can see what I meant.

again I would like to point out that my phone might be the source of problem with being so slow and lagging...

here is the link on my test:
I kept it unlisted so only we see it. I removed the audio as I did not know it was recording it also (I had my son screaming in the back and me not really talking... made no sense keeping it.)

hope the new pilot app for iPhone will release a similar quality work for android soon...
hi Slim,
i didn't... just bought it and hoped for the best... i'd be happy to join and participate on making it better and giving in ideas to think about... do you have a contact you could pass me on to?
at the moment the app /apps seem useless for good work... if it wouldn't be for my flying skills i ground the bird...
For the record the app is T Rash!
But for that group/forum they got a beta firmware the app works for.
It's not gone work for any of us. The sdk developer apparently shares a beta firmware with that Google group. Dead end
interisting... why doesn't he state that on google play then???
i will have a chat with em or at least try... as for me at current, the app is unusable...
I was hoping you got further into it. From what I can gather they using a beta firmware earlier version I believe. Problem is we can't roll back this firmware. You got to follow the links from morales threads. Join the group and get your read on. I'll check for the thread

thank you. I will have a search too..

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