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If we can drum up some interest I'd help organize a meetup here in Austin.

Just passed my part 107, certification pending, so anyone interested in collaborating should give me a shout!

Hit me up,
I just got an Inspire 1 and am seeking to get 107. I’m looking to get flying experience and camera experience as well.
I've got a month old I2 that I'm loving, and I plan on scheduling my 107 within the next 2 weeks hopefully. I'm in Liberty Hill (20 mins north of Austin, straight up 183), would love to meet up somewhere.
Katy here! I live 5 mins away from Tays. Let me know if this is a regular thing I will love to join ya. Have a great one!
Hey Houston Katy here

Its been awhile since i been on here, was purchasing things for drone and i think i got everything so im ready to fly this thing for the first time ....today hopefully. If your flying soon definitely hit me up and maybe meet up....im new to flying so need all the help i can get lol
where are u? Fry Rd and Clay here, going to lupes tortillas now but is a long weekend, I can charge for later
Hi Dan Six here, I live in El Paso Texas and I am the organizer of the [ www.meetup.com/El-Paso-Drone-user-Group-Meetup ] We are 62 members strong and growing monthly. We get together every 2nd Saturday of the month (weather permitting) for our monthly Drone Fly-in. You can look us up online, sign up we will keep you informed of where and when we are flying, our membership is Free. no charges ever, we learn and have a lot of fun every month. We are also the El Paso host for The INTERNATIONAL DRONE DAY Event coming onMay 4th, 2019.
I am Working on Building a business around Imaging and Drones and would like to meetup with Peers that have similar interest or who just want to get out and fly together.

I'm around Cypress TX (Houston) and Lampasas TX (NW) Austin.. Lots of open space up there.
Midland, Stanton area here ,, I1, P3, P2, P , hero, tbs discovery and pro, 3D printer, Gliders, Wings, Edf’s and one lonely heli ,, oh I fly Realflight sim as well.. I regret I never got a chance to try DS. Also ride Dual Sport and Vintage bikes. If in the area , hit me up

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