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Thank you STC Electronics (I found batteries)

Feb 2, 2015
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***First of all, let me say I am in no way affiliated with the business I'm about to write about***

So though another member on this forum, I was forwarded to Sam at STC Electronics in NYC (http://www.stcnyc.com/) in my search for batteries for my Inspire. Not only did Sam have loads of batteries, chargers, and controllers, but they even had Inspire 1s in stock. Sam has been the most knowledgeable person I have spoken to thus far and I'm so glad to find a place like this local to me.They are a repair facility too. Apparently this is where B&H sends all their stuff they have problems fixing lol. Anyways, glad to finally have some batteries. Now all I need is an android tablet and I'll finally be up in the air!

Paid cash for mines jan 5 on a walk in they had them in stock. I lucked up big time!! They also had controllers early. Average time on prop locks but otherwise i prefer them over b&h. Is the tb48 in stock? Also where do you fly in the city?
Its all star weekend!! The city is buzzing with good footage. Im planning on getting some good MsGarden shots tomorrow. Keep in contact if your doing midtown movies. Im hooked. Just do your research my friend
Sam at STC is awesome. They buy direct and they do not presell anything. They are legit. I have to say between my actual conversations with Tahoe Ed and Sam, Sam has more information about the inspire and the future of the product than anyone I have talked to. He is not in the DJI cult. He knows whats up because he can actually talk to the people in charge. My Inspire was awful. Sam took care of me and allowed me to indirectly communicate with the top brass at DJI circumventing all the forum mouth pieces. He knew about the new e800 prop set up before the great Tahoe Ed, and Blade Strike. Sam is legit.

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