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To the Donnie Watsons of The Inspire Pilots Forum

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Randall W, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Randall W

    Aug 8, 2016
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    I just wanted to put out a SUPER BIG TIME THANK YOU to Donnie and all the other guys like him on this forum..
    I finally got a chance to fly my drone after having it for 2 months after purchase...
    Donnie took the time to help me numerous times here on the forums..
    when he realized that I was not going to be able to fix it myself..he offered to let me send them to him to look at on his own time..not charging me..it was a little unnerving sending almost a grand worth of controllers to someone who I have never met except to converse on this computer...But something told me this guy was straight up..and my gut was right...this guy is awesome..he fixed my screwup on my first controller and got it updated to current firmware....now my second remote was bricked..he figured out it was the usb port on the module that was bad so he took the good one off one of his that he is not using and replaced it..and returned the bad part..also updated that controller and set for slave....so I get them back and they work perfect..

    Cant say enough about Donnie Watson...hope he doesn't mind that I used his name....and others like donnie on this forum...When trying to deal with this I got lots of help ..multiple people tried helping..and most of it was the same few things which to me means people on here are faily educated about this stuff when you get mostly the same answers...not all over the place...Bad part of all this was my 2 call to After Sales Service..
    Could barely understand the individual speaking to me..and vice versa..don't think he was understanding me all that well either...neither call left me feeling confident that when I did what was suggested that it would fix anything..in fact I think 1 of the things made it worse...
    I am positive that both my drone and controllers would be at dji had it not been for Donnie and you Guys..
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