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Transferring Flight Record Information

Jan 30, 2015
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South Florida, USA
Originally post in the DJI Inspire 1 Forum, but got replies:

Is it possible to transfer the Flight Record Information from an Android device to an iOS device? If so, how would that be done? Also, where is this information stored on any given device?

Thanks in advance!
I think that it is stored on the SD card
See page 17 at your manual:flight recorder
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Here's the reply I got from DJI Support a few minutes ago:

The Flight Record Information is recorded in the aircraft, not in the mobile device,and the OSD information is recorded in your mobile devices, and you can upload it into the cloud storage, In the Pilot App-users center and in top right corner, you could see a "cloud" shaped menu item, and you can upload your OSD information into your own account so it can be transferred in different device.
Well, I did something wrong and I don't know how to correct it. :(

Now my Flight Information shows flights as far back as 1998. o_O

As of this afternoon, I now have a total of 74+ hours of flight time! :confused:

As Charlie Brown would say... AARRRGH! :mad:
I think there is a documented issue with the flight logs on iOS. I have the same issue.
I have the exact same problem with IOS I press the Cloud icon, it shows percentage of uploading, but I don't know where to.
Flight records are pretty much broken on all platforms at the moment.

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