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Nov 20, 2015
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We’re proud and very excited to announce the release of the newest version of UgCS ground station software for drones – UgCS 2.9 Update 1. We’ve put in a lot of work to make sure this is the most polished version of UgCS ever. Along with changes in UgCS desktop version, the users of “UgCS for DJI” mobile app will also notice some useful improvements.

Here are some of the changes in UgCS desktop version:

  • User-specified speed between waypoints is now treated as the speed along the 3D vector between two waypoints. This change leads to the drone flying closer to the specified flight trajectory and thus – higher flight precision.
  • For Pixhawk / APM autopilots take-off point altitude is now set automatically
  • Previously if the vehicle speed in the mission exceeded the allowed max speed in the vehicle profile, the mission would not calculate. Now, in this case, the mission is calculated with the maximum vertical / horizontal speed components set in the vehicle profile and the user gets a warning message.
  • Support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS has been added!
  • Camera trigger now works correctly in Photogrammetry missions with DJI A2
  • Speed vector in Telemetry window is now proportional on smaller screens
  • Area scan calculation above complex terrain profile has been optimized
  • Yaw action has been removed from DJI Wookong-M waypoint actions
  • “Continue” command has been disabled while in “Click & Go” mode for Wookong-M, Naza-M V2 and Phantom 2
  • Fixed “Camera Trigger” button and “Camera trigger by time” action not working in some cases
  • “No actions in last point” flag behavior has been fixed, no additional trigger actions are generated
"UgCS for DJI” Android app has been updated to work with the latest version of UgCS. Some of the new features of the mobile app include:
  • Using Adaptive turn type the maximum corner radius can be adjusted in the app under “Drone Specific Settings”
  • Minimum safe altitude parameter has been added to applications preferences to prevent the drone from flying straight to the target waypoint from the ground. Now the drone climbs to safe altitude before flying to the first waypoint
  • Support for Land waypoint has been added
  • Notifications have been made more user friendly

Get UgCS 2.9 Update 1 now at www.ugcs.com

Safe flights,
UgCS Team

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