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  1. Droning Community

    DJI Master Wheels Cinematic Control System

    DJI Master Wheels seem to be one of DJI's newest product that debuted to little attention (no attention?) a few months ago. The link shows DJI's prototype of their new "high-end cinematic control system for the Ronin 2, Inspire 2, and upcoming Ronin-S". It gives precision control to camera...
  2. Phil-RCGeeks

    Can you operate the gimbal using the Gyro in a tablet?

    Same idea as the Freefly Mimic - But is there a way to do it for the DJI Inspire 2? Does anybody know a way to control you X5S using the Gyro in an iPad? So for example as you tilt the iPad, the camera will tilt etc. I'm assuming there might be a VR app that allows this? I have an upcoming...
  3. RobH2

    Is it possible to access the Inspire 2's buttons to drive custom servo?

    I'd like to add a small device to my Inspire 2 and have it make the same movements as the up and down movements of the FPV camera. I'd just power it and when I move the FPV camera, my device would do the same thing. Is there a way to do this?
  4. K

    Dual Master Controller Hoping

    Here's a bit of a left-field question (on the assumption that from memory two controllers can be paired/bound to a single aircraft but not literally connected to the aircraft at the same time): Can you hop between two independently located remotes to regain control of an aircraft when one loses...
  5. R

    FPV Control

    I'm trying to get control of the FPV camera but can only find the shortcut to flip it 45 degrees on the C1 button. It says in the manual you can control it with the left dial but that is controlling the X5s. Even when the X5s isn't connected it still wont let me control it from the dial. Anyone...
  6. D-J

    Tripod mode - today's challenge!

    Watching footage of the Mavic flying under Tripod mode, I was wondering if this can be setup on the Inspire and saved as a 'custom' configuration for relatively easy switching over too. The first part of the challenge is to limit the flight speed and the sensitivity of the input controls. Does...
  7. UgCS

    UgCS 2.9 Update 1 Is Now Live

    We’re proud and very excited to announce the release of the newest version of UgCS ground station software for drones – UgCS 2.9 Update 1. We’ve put in a lot of work to make sure this is the most polished version of UgCS ever. Along with changes in UgCS desktop version, the users of “UgCS for...
  8. S

    Unresponsive Inspire 1 Pro

    I tried my first flight with the latest DJIGO app software upgrade. Craft, controller and batteries had all been updated and up to date status reflected in app. ( I may have had Litchi on in the background )on my tablet, but I am not sure of this. I calibrated the compass. I did not have my...