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Unlock motors

Dec 24, 2014
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This means what? I see it in the app but I can't find any information in the manual.
90 views and no one knows. Hmm, that setting remains a mystery but it sure does seem important. Perhaps you use it when changing motors if need be?
My initial hypothesis on the motor lock was for working on the machine while the props are still attached. The experienced pilots know that if you are working on it, just take the props off.....
I am guessing it locks them straight for travel mode.
If straight means props oriented parallel to each other... I don't see how it will determine this orientation.
I tend to think locking them against possible start-up like Mazz suggested is closer to correct.
Someone will eventually chime in...
I agree...I'm trying to know everything I can about this before I get mine...all the videos just gloss over this..."OK, there is the Motor Lock," and then go to the next thing...has anyone asked DJI help line what this function really does?
With one of the early versions of the firmware the upgrade actually locked the motors and you were required to "unlock the motors" before you could fly. I don't think that this feature is currently being used.
Makes sense, but it would be good to get this confirmed. I'll try the DJI chat line.
Makes sense, but it would be good to get this confirmed. I'll try the DJI chat line.

Mike, please note that Tahoe Ed, who responded to your question with facts that explain why that line is still in the app, is a DJI Forum Support employee who also beta tests their products, including the Inspire. I would take his explanation as more authoritative than the Chat Line. Just saying' ;)
The only thing that I saw from Ted...post before my latest on this subject...was "I don't think this feature is currently being used." I did not know Ted is a forum support employee (which is great)...but even so, his post seemed a big vague? Maybe I missed something?

Hopefully, this all this is much to do about nothing, but the cumulative effect of so many unknowns and issues...loose frames, props falling off, yaw issues, etc...tends to make me concerned as I want to make sure I really know how all this stuff is supposed to work.

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