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Updating batteries

Mar 14, 2015
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I am having issues with updating 2 of my batteries. I performed the FW update on my I1 and the battery in it at the time without any problem. I have tried updating a TB47 and a TB48 and nothing will happen at all. When i try to fly with either one i get the "battery needs updating". Any suggestions? Thanks
Appreciate the responses, however i have already tried this before i sent in my email and they still will not update. I have flown using both hoping it was a reset issues maybe but still nothing. I think i will try and download the update back onto the sd card maybe and try it again. Just don't want to be flying with these two batteries and in mid flight they shut down or something.
Hi Eagle1 ,

I'm having the exact same problem. Did you resolve / update the other batteries ?
Ok, managed to get mine updated now. Tried different sd cards with firmware. Formatted one and put firmware on. Don't think that worked. Tried original sd card with firmware and that worked. Took a lot of time though swapping and trying.
Still having this problem with my newest TB48. I have also tried to format and re-drop the new FW, this one battery just will not take it. I have ran it down to 30%, recharged, still get the error. I would run in down to 0%, but this battery only has 2 cycles on it.

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