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Used Inspire 1

Apr 16, 2015
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Hello everyone!

I just purchased a used Inspire 1 from B&H for $1999 condition 8+ out of 10 supposedly it comes w/ all original parts.

Any crucial items to inspect or look into? I have a 30-day return & 90 day warranty according to used department at B&H.

Should I check w/ DJI if serial number of Inspire is good for warranty or does authorized dealer B&H takes care of everything?
Is there a revision A or revision B of the Inspire 1 or just one build version right now?

Any help or info would be much appreciated!
I saw that listed yesterday morning and about ordered it...before I ordered a new one from them...
I will be real interested how this turns out for for you... :cool:

As far as what to look for... I'll defer to those here with much more experience on these...
Version A has twill n weave carbon fiber legs
Version b has more of a as I call it erratic or composite look in me eyes
B&H seems to b a reputable company just curious why such a large price break does it have a salvaged title?
Also found there's a rev C as well
At least it's the same Inspire 1 w/ same board circuitry and not a rev. A, B or C computer board just newer props etc.

B&H probably sold a good amount of them there's bound to be some returns. I was curious to see how many they had in-stock, I tried to checkout with 2 but it said I reached my limit. When I checked out there was no used Inspire left but I checked later during night there's another used one in-stock.
sounds like a good deal! bh will take great care of you if anything is wrong. good score. i would go that way, but i already have 2.
I will be real interested how this turns out for for you... :cool:

Hey John it's been a while but here's my update. Shipping box had one previous address crossed out looks like it was returned maybe twice shipping box showed it's age. Inspire case and everything else was excellent/mint condition except for tiny fan behind camera it wasn't spinning. I emailed DJI USA support they didn't email back until a week and half later so I wasn't sure if they were going to honor warranty or make B&H take care of it so I ended up returning it. B&H said they would take care of it but I was afraid they might replace entire unit with one not as good as the one I got. They couldn't give me a definite answer. With horizon tilt issues I hear about and DJI not honoring warranty on used equipment. Didn't want to keep shipping back & forth. If they could of sent me a replacement camera I would of kept it but they don't have any new ones in-stock to replace. Ended up purchasing a new one with two controllers from B&H.
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