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Warning, aircraft is now behind you...

Jan 20, 2015
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I posted this topic on the Help thread, but really didn't get much response and or solution.

I successfully installed new firmware on everything. Since then, when I take off and move forward (the craft is facing away from me on take off - camera pointed forward) - I keep getting this signal on my app screen: "warning, aircraft is now behind you, please fly carefully"

This happens when I am moving forward...away from me - at several hundred feet...not close to me.

This has happened in several locations...I calibrated the compass...IMU readings are normal.

I reached out to DJI 24 hour chat...they said it was a GPS issue...that I was losing GPS...I had full bars and upon review, the screen shows GPS link when this happened...I never had any GPS dropouts...closely reviewing the flight record.

I have included a screen grab when this warning appeared...the warning message won't stay up when I pause the flight record to capture this screen shot.

This concerns me...the craft seems to be flying fine...but when I get a consistent message like this telling me the craft is behind me when it is clearly in front of me...makes me nervous.

Thanks for any help advice.Image-1.jpg

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