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Wasen't expecting that to break..

May 14, 2014
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So young, So full of life....

Anyone selling a Dji Case bumper... :D:D:p

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Did you calibrate the IMU?
Did you do a compass dance?
Did you make sure your battery was fully charged?
You weren't near a cell phone mast were you?
Did your iPad freeze?
Did you loose GPS?
Did you have a tracker on you case foot?
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You should purchase a set of case guards. I'd also suggest you use the auto landing feature and always land on level ground...
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My inspire arrived with a broken pad right out of the box. Very brittle plastic, case needs need better pads..
Mine also came with one broken case stud thing, mind you it was only wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and a cardboard box, didn't worry about it as long as the I1 was OK.
Seems the case has just as many problems as the item inside it, now that's got to be a first!
My case came with 3 of the little feet broken and my only concern was the Inspire may have taken a hard hit in shipping possibly damaging some electronic components. I contacted Dronefly immediately just to let them know because I wouldn't get a chance to actually fly it until 2 days later. They always say contact the shipper immediately in case of damage. Dronefly said they are getting me another case for sure, just don't know when they can get it. I wasn't expecting them to say that so I was a happy camper. And I'm even more stoked about the fact my Inspire is performing wonderfully (10 flights) and I haven't experienced any of the issues that others have (knock on wood)!

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Perfect opportunity for those of us with 3D printers to improve on the design and availability of replacement case parts. Now if I could just get B&H to ship my backordered Inspire so I'd have a case to model from. :(
Why would I do that. We have already replaced the case with the broken handle.

Now this is top class customer service! It's little things like this that restores people's faith in the product and brand and they keep coming back for new products. I'm waiting for my inspire 1, not sure when to get it as I would like the shaking arms issue to be fixed from the factory. I think the other bugs will be sorted via a firmware update, and I know Dji are working hard to get this sorted.

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