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Watch out DJI...GoPro going to kick your ***

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They're finally realizing they should probably start playing catch-up... 3 years too late. Move on, nothing to see...
It was supposed to say KICK, but it won't let me edit!!HA Never too late. Deep pockets and a willingness to succeed...lets watch what happens!!

EDIT: Have changed the title for ya. ;) (The Editor)
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Good. Competition is good and hopefully the battle of customer service will begin. Id rather buy from the best customer service given similar options on birds.
Thanks...EDITOR. Perhaps by then DJI will have figured out that CS is as important as the product itself. I have had 5 star CS from GP for years and I expect that their product will have issues, BUT they will deal with them on a much. much different level then DJI..onward...
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