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Where is the point of Interest function to inspire ?

The Inspire 1 firmware to support POI is still in Beta. Something we are all waiting for final release.
They (DJI) thought we have more need in this new app for all the social media crap which is all over now in the latest version.8 months ago they promised much more in the app and it's still not there.I need an app which works and no crashing b**l ****.As soon there is an good alternative app I will defenitly go for it.Don't need the editing crap also.
Remember my old Phantom and the "I lovecoffëe app".After that I never used the DJI app again.
nevermind, i figured it out. They shouldve called it orbit. Point of interest had me thinking it was the ability to mark something interesting on the map like dropping a pin on google maps or something, lol!

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