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X5S ND filters weight

Jul 24, 2017
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Do you have any experience with HOYA 52mm ND filters on X5S camera on 15mm and 45mm lens? Will not it be too heavy?
I thinking about buy HOYA 52mm and buy step up rings for 46mm and 37mm..

For now I have deafult 15mm lens and 45mm olympus. For this, I think it will be good Polar pro filters (46mm) when is need step up 37-46 ring for 45mm lens .. BUT, in future I want to buy some wide lens, for example Olympus M.Zuiko 9-18mm/4.0-5.6 when is needed filter 52mm. Of course polarpro dont have these size of ND filters...

Maybe third variaton.. - buy polapro for 15mm and 45mm lens and in future for 52mm buy only HOYA?
I bit scare of the hoya if will not too heavy for x5s

Thank you

I use the 46mm size with step-ups if needed from 37mm lenses. Occasionally I need to load a weight on the rear of the X5S camera (Velcro) with them so I suspect a 52mm filter will be even heavier. Then you also have the issue of the larger size getting blown by the prop wash and wind too. I'm not crazy about the stock 15mm DJI lens hood design being a wind catcher, and I have some 37mm lens hood that has the slots in the perimeter to help with that matter. Don't know why DJI didn't vent the stocker.
I use the 9-18mm all the time with the appropriate dji counter weight.

I use 52mm B+W NDs which are a bit heavy but i velcro an additional weight to the back of the camera, (2 quarters gafftaped together) and a weight on the side of the tilt axis (2 quarters gaff taped together) and i get good balance.

In sport or atti mode single op i get good performance, just make sure you velcro the additional weights properly in the same spot every time. I have gotten some vibration during takes that makes the footage unusable if the gimbal balance isn't perfect.

Doesn't hurt to calibrate gimbal really quick when using that lens + filters.

I don't get the vibration issue at all in Dual op mode, just single op, which is strange.

I use the Hoya filters on my 46mm gear and haven't had issues, just make sure they are super clean. The b+w stuff is heavy, but their optics are Schneider so i don't see color shift, or get heat from the DIT when he asks what i'm using.

I do have the 52 to 46 step down, but i don't ever use my 52mm filters on the 15, 25, and 45 lenses, just buy the 46mm set as well.

my 2 cents

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