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This is great to see.... i have a controllers certificate... is anybody from the coff's harbour area here... or for that matter from Australia...
Hey hey, I'm down in Melbourne and just finished day 1 of my RPAS and will hopefully have my UOC by this time next year.
I'm an ABN holder though, so if any UOC holders have any work available for subbies/part time employment I'd love to have a chat!
Hi, I'm in Perth about to do my RPAS and then UOC. Just come over from Phantom Pilots as I pick up my I1 this week.

Love Coffs, its a great spot :)
Hi BC.. the Inspire is a fantastic UAV.. i have over 150 hours up flying it now.... love it...and you will to... good luck with the course ...
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You lucky ...
In Belgium you need to get a medical exam, then you need to take an exam concerning the law, navigation, weather and also flying skills. If all this is then passed you receive your drone pilot licence. When you have your licence your multicopter needs to be also licensed. So if the bird does not have enough security systems this license is refused.
If all is OK the you may fly until 90m max height ... pfffffffffffffffff
Amateurs may only fly until 30m height and only on a designated place for RC flying. So flying in your own backyard will not be allowed. **** ...

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