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Zone Limitations

Jan 5, 2015
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Today I had a interesting observation with max distances set. once the inspire reached them it would not fly any further cool. but the way it was calculated was from all the flying arround i did not in a straight line. so after flying around i had reached my max limits so it would only go a few feet away from me. to fix this i had to clear the track trail on the map then it flew again to its limits. not sure if this is how its supposed to work just was my observation for the day.
If it is a cumulative distance limit then that sounds like a bug.
Would have thought they might have learnt their lesson by now with the Phantom and also Naza M v2 v4.0 of fimware but we are talking DJi so I guess not!

This, coupled with the vibration problems that are being reported, coupled with the woefully short battery times versus advertised spec means I will continue to hold off clicking the 'add to basket' option until we are a few more versions down the line on the firmware and some way further on hardware modifications.
At the moment, the only thing I would trust up in the air is multirotors I have designed and built myself !

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