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Recent content by Burlingtonfilms

  1. Burlingtonfilms

    Ohhh sh!t in my pants moment

    Wow. I would have bought a lottery ticket that same day.
  2. Burlingtonfilms

    Inspire 2 will be released on November 8th

    Sony A7s II and Panasonic GH4 both have 100/MBs 4K. I'm hoping that the Inspire 2's new camera(s) have at least this standard.
  3. Burlingtonfilms

    Inspire 2 will be released on November 8th

    I think some people are worried because they just invested in an older system and now the Inspire 2 is a week away. Drones change so much and so fast that it's hard not to feel buyers remorse. Thanks to the people who have been finding new details about the Inspire 2. Im excited to see what...
  4. Burlingtonfilms

    X5R Flickering...Uh Oh

    Have the recent firmware upgrades helped the flickering issue?
  5. Burlingtonfilms

    Inspire 2 will be released on November 8th

    So awesome! If the dual battery plus FPV is correct, this will be a winner for sure. Excited to see see the new Inspire 2.
  6. Burlingtonfilms

    Inspire 2 wishlist

    60fps at 1080p is softer? Any sample videos online or is this a rumor?
  7. Burlingtonfilms

    Congratulations DJI you just killed the Phantom!!

    I love the Mavic! The only thing I'm disappointing in is the step back in image quality compared to the Phantom 4.
  8. Burlingtonfilms

    Shooting with a Permit but DJI app won't take off

    Hi guys, I recently got permission by Transport Canada to fly near a small airport for a shoot. In the DJI app I am still inside the no fly zone, so how do I disable that feature so I'm able to take off? Thank you for your help.
  9. Burlingtonfilms

    Inspire 2 coming soon 2016?

    New rumors of the Inspire 2 are out. DJI Inspire 2 Rumors & Leaks | Quadcopter Guide It's going to be an exciting next couple of months for sure!
  10. Burlingtonfilms

    Zenmuse XT and Osmo?

    So the only option for XT handheld right now is to carry the Inspire around?
  11. Burlingtonfilms

    Zenmuse XT and Osmo?

    Weird. They have the same contacts.
  12. Burlingtonfilms

    Zenmuse XT and Osmo?

    Does anyone know if the Zenmuse XT cameras and the Osmo will work together? I know they have the same contacts and I'm assuming they will work, but I cannot find any info or videos of them being used together.
  13. Burlingtonfilms

    X5 camera $400 off at Dji store

    The Inspire Pro is also has a $1100 discount right now! Buy Inspire 1 Pro | DJI Store
  14. Burlingtonfilms

    Zenmuse Z3 does it work on Inspire 1 V1?

    Quick question, does the Z3 work properly on the Inspire 1 V1 or does it need the additional vibration board like the X5/R cameras?