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Recent content by Carbines

  1. Carbines

    New Firmware

    Couldn't agree more - as much as 'average' users might annoy developers with seemingly 'silly' questions, their inclusion in the process of creating and using software is terribly important
  2. Carbines

    Poor Video with ios Version 1.0.1 to Ipad mini 3

    See above - this is for the current version of the DJIPilot application on iOS.
  3. Carbines

    Long Exposure Sunset - 2 Second Exposure Samples

    Those shots are terrific - well done, sir!
  4. Carbines

    How many batteries to have?

    I do one TB47, and 4 TB48s Always want more, but I've really only expended all 5 batteries and had to wait for packs to charge once. But I'm also not doing any real 'work' - just fooling around and helping folks learn to pilot the aircraft.
  5. Carbines

    How fast have you gone?

    Very nice! Did you have a tailwind when you made 63.2?
  6. Carbines

    how far?

    Only been out to just past 1 mile. Moderate hills and lots of trees in my area to block signal - but I'm pleased with 1 mile anyway. Looking forward to visiting a beach or two this summer - will try to stretch the legs a bit more with better (flatter) geography.
  7. Carbines

    How fast have you gone?

    It did, just for a moment. I looked into the newly created tear in space-time, but the other side was black and white - not color. And definitely was in SD. ...So I never reported this to anyone in the scientific community. Come on - SD? I can't be bothered.
  8. Carbines

    How fast have you gone?

    Ran the aircraft out to a mile into the wind. Turned around, put it ATTI mode, and made 62.9 MPH headed back to me.
  9. Carbines

    App Update

    I still have the version 1.0.2 version, and can pull it off my ipad mini, but I'm unsure of the legalities related to doing so. it's not a pirated app, and the price is still Free in the apple app store, so ...
  10. Carbines

    Mini 2 or Mini 3

    if you're going to buy right now (next few days), go with the Mini v2 (ipad Mini w/Retina display). it works well for a controller-mounted display for this platform. If you can wait for a bit, wait until apple releases the next iteration of the ipad mini - better hardware will certainly be...
  11. Carbines

    App Update

    Thank you sir.
  12. Carbines

    Lets talk tablet brightness

    iPhone 6+ definitely does, as have many iPhones of the past. Especially problematic if you combine this with polarized sun/eye glasses. The display becomes even harder to see when one of two lenses that are similarly polarized are rotated 90 degrees (like your phone/tablet in landscape...
  13. Carbines

    App Update

    If anyone has been able to catalog the bugs that were addressed and any additions (especially no-fly geofences) , I don't think that I'd be the only one interested in knowing what has changed before updating our devices to v1.0.3.
  14. Carbines

    IPad mini or the full size IPad with the Inspire? Your thoughts?

    iPad mini 2 wifi/LTE iOS v8.1.1 works well. No jerkiness or other such issues.
  15. Carbines

    Long Exposure Sunset - 2 Second Exposure Samples

    Those are amazing shots - I love a lighthouse!