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Recent content by cswamp1

  1. cswamp1

    updating from to (X3)??????????

    I haven't flown my inspire1 in 9 months and It's still running and 1.5.70 on the rc then on my camera? Thought I remembered something about having to do every update in sequence but on DJI's website it doesn't go back that far. Does anyone know if i can just skip over them...
  2. cswamp1

    New cam tomorrow? DJI.com has a teaser now

    wow DJI can't even be on time with a count down clock!!!!!
  3. cswamp1

    Firmware v1.4.0.10 - 7th Sept 2015 Released

    I would try detaching the camera and reattach it making sure its snug? This happened to me on the last update? First and only time it happened lol go figure?
  4. cswamp1

    New Firmware v1.3.0.00 Aug 4 2015

    Sorry i forgot to mention it failed with the continuous buzz tone.
  5. cswamp1

    New Firmware v1.3.0.00 Aug 4 2015

    Question? this is my 4th update with the inspire 1 and the first 3 i had no problems but this last one was odd? The update took 1 hour and 17 minutes then failed with the (continuous buzz tone) so i tried again with a fresh battery and it updated only the battery as if the update was a success...
  6. cswamp1

    Autopilot Beta Test

    you could start by choosing me :-) After that it will all fall into place!
  7. cswamp1

    No Fly Zones - What happens?

    Since its just the trainer you are probably right. But i don't want to test it for real lol
  8. cswamp1

    No Fly Zones - What happens?

    Also you should call the tower before your flight and let them know where you'll be flying if your that close to their airspace. I do it all the time since i live less then 2000 feet from the busiest general aviation airport in america.
  9. cswamp1

    No Fly Zones - What happens?

    This is the closest i have come to testing it. Yes you can take off! it will tell you your approaching restricted airspace and if you continue into the restricted airspace and cross the red line it will start to auto land. If your able to turn around and get out of the restricted airspace fast...
  10. cswamp1

    Magnetic storm forecast

    Driving today in Los Angeles CA around 2:30PM (Pacific Time) I noticed a stretch of power lines arcing at each connecting point like when you see someone welding! I drive this road everyday and don’t recall ever seeing this before? Wonder if that possibly could be from the solar storm? Anyway...
  11. cswamp1

    Can you fly without a tablet or phone connected?

    you can calibrate by flipping your gps switch 5 or 6 times like the old phantom 1 & 2 days and just hope your mod is ok lol
  12. cswamp1

    Tablet disconnecting

    same exact thing with mine also?
  13. cswamp1

    FW v1.2.1.0 bug report thread

    Mine does the same thing on iOS ! Sometimes it does it all day then the next its doesn't. sometimes it goes for days without a glitch then unexplainably ill lose video and disconnect constantly for days?
  14. cswamp1

    where did they move the compass calibration to?

    After the latest app update 1.1.2 i can't find the compass calibration anywhere on the app? Im using iPad air 2. Thanks
  15. cswamp1

    Sun shade for iPad

    I have this for the iPad air 2 and it's $#!+ ......way to heavy and had to cut it to fit!