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Recent content by Ozziepauly

  1. Ozziepauly

    Inspire carrier... DIY?

    This is my DIY carrier. Cut up a shopping bag. It is evenly balanced on both arms. Clears gimbal and landing rods. I can walk for miles locked and loaded ready to fly in minutes.
  2. Ozziepauly


    I don't experience any jello using these settings. ISO 100, 30fps with shutter speed 1/60 sec. ND filter judged on day. It works for me. Others would have different settings. User preference.
  3. Ozziepauly


    Many clips on YouTube on rolling shutter. The ISO should be as low as possible with shutter speed to match
  4. Ozziepauly


    What video settings and ND filters are you using?
  5. Ozziepauly

    Aircraft and RC Bricked!!!

    Not saying this is a fix but others have used a second mobile device. Reinstall the GO APP. Once you have downgrade the RC you should be where you can upgrade the AC
  6. Ozziepauly

    RC Signal lost after update

    Luiz the Editor has provided all the information and link #19 to solve your problem but your not listening
  7. Ozziepauly

    Inspire 1 Crash: Power loss in mid air

    Would flying under a four lane bridge at slow speed be any factor? Sorry for your loss.
  8. Ozziepauly

    RC Signal lost after update

    After successfully downgrading the RC. Please read the release notes on the latest firmware updates. DJI have changed the procedure.
  9. Ozziepauly

    RC Signal lost after update

    You may have another problem but this is the new procedure. AC off. RC connected to tablet with Internet connection. Open GO App and downgrade rc firmware. Hope that works.
  10. Ozziepauly

    RC Signal lost after update

    Must be connected to Internet
  11. Ozziepauly

    RC Signal lost after update

    To downgrade the rc. Go to app and press the icon top right. That will give the downgrade.
  12. Ozziepauly

    DronePan has gaps in the panorama

    It's a good idea to make 2 or 3 runs with Dronepan. Have had no problems with missing areas on calm wind days. Also changing the image size from 16.9 to Letterbox works for me.
  13. Ozziepauly

    Inspire stuck in travel mode?

    The most salient issue is that new members are not researching the procedure with new updates. The Editor is one cool dude.
  14. Ozziepauly

    This one looks dangerous...

    Editor, can you confirm these videos were made in August 2009? If so what rules were in place back then, if any. My google search only found those. Were the offending ones made recently?
  15. Ozziepauly

    Another near miss event - A380 @ 5000ft

    Some other Pilots in the area thought it was a weather balloon. I wish they would confirm 100% before blaming a drone