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Recent content by Sligeach

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    USA Visiting the US

    Visiting Honesdale PA
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    USA Visiting the US

    Hi, I’m visiting the US and was wondering what is required for me to fly, just for fun. I understand that you have to register, but do I also have to register on some sort of national Hobby model aircraft site or just follow their rules? I’m assuming I can only register under section 336?
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    Inspire Pro versus Inspire 2 with X4S

    I have to say, I’ve had the Inspire 1 and 2, but would go for the 2 every time. Some of the reasons: I find it much more stable than the Inspire 1. It’s faster FPV camera for the pilot, if you have a camera op Redundancy in terms of duplicate systems (eg batteries) More obstacle sensors...
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    Blew my 2nd high pay film job! Please chime in.

    Yes, I’m happy with autopilot. There is almost nothing you can’t do with it, as long as you get time to clarify what shot is required. The great thing is it can be all set up before the drone is turned on, and ‘played’ to see if it does what you want. If after the shot you are not happy with one...
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    Blew my 2nd high pay film job! Please chime in.

    Just wondering if Autopilot would work? If I know the shot a wee bit in advance I can set it up with Autopilot. You can program the flight and/or the camera gimbal, so you can have the focus of your camera change mid shot from an actor to another subject.
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    Problems with "red Colour Props"

    This might fix it, but it will only be temporary. My white props had no play when I got them, but now they have a fair bit of movement, as have the red props, although I used the ‘super glue’ fix in the past. I have to fix them every so often.
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    X5S New Handheld

    Bought the Inspire 2 and love the craft, but part of the lure was the handle for the x5S. Hate not knowing what, if and when it might be a reality.
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    Hangar 360 App

    Tried it about a week ago and it does not support the Inspire 2. Used Autopilot (pano) instead.
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    Hi from Cornwall, UK

    Don't like to see pictures like that...what Happened?
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    Auto Exposure Icon Greyed out

    Are you using D-log? If so it keeps the ISO at 500.
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    Problems with "red Colour Props"

    Tried this 'superglue' fix today and it worked a treat. DJI wanted me to send the props back for replacement, but then I'd be without my Inspire while I waited on a replacement so thanks for posting. I did notice today, however that now one of my WHITE props is a small bit loose. Although I can...
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    DJI Focus system

    Here is another solution, using a 3D printer and the Osmo universal mount. Here is a link to the .stl file: DJI Universal mount back plate for I2 by Sligeach
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    VERY scary event with the I2 and Litchi App

    Just a thought, if you start up the DJI go app, when the aircraft is already in flight I think it would use the position where the Aircraft is as it's home point. You can go and set the home point to the location of the controller in the Go app, which should then allow the RTH to work as it...