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  1. J

    Replacement left arm - antenna connectors different than original

    I recently bought a replacement left arm for my Inspire 2. I needed to replace the antenna cable that runs to the leg as it was damaged when a landing gear leg broke. I couldn't find just the cable, so I had to order a whole new leg. Anyway, I started to replace it this past weekend and noticed...
  2. B

    M300 smart controller

    All in all the m300 looks great and is a step forward. However, I see some potential issues with the Smart controller Enterprise: 1. It doesn't seem to have detachable antennas!? So we need to again crack the shell, drill the plastic,etc...? I expected a more professional solution for something...
  3. K

    Patchantenna 4 Hawks Raptor SR for Inspire 2

    Hi Fellows, I am very happy with the new 4 Hawks Raptor SR. Range increased distinctivly. I have allways been suffering from bad video transmission, breaking off. contact to the aircraft. etc Since I live in the EU radio transmission signal very is low by default. With the Hawks everything...
  4. C

    *SOLD* Command Case Ground Station $390.00 *SOLD*

    Like new TITAN DRONES Command case. Used less than 6 times. Does not include iPad. I prefer to not be tethered to the antenna and use the smaller self contained Conquer and SWITCH setups. shipping to USA only. ask/message me with any questions etc 14 dBi quad patch linear vertical polarized...
  5. C

    Do I need new aircraft antennas?

    Hey All, I recently has a hard landing on the left side of the aircraft and was hoping for some help. I snapped off the front and rear landing gear where the antennas go and seem to have damaged the antenna cables in the process. One antenna was cutoff totally and the other seeming had the...
  6. SaintMarkus

    Dual pilot problems, what antenas to boost.

    Hello! I have Inspire 1 Pro and dual rc controllers, but there is a huge problem. Slave controller with iPad Mini 3, loses camera feed about 400-500m away. While master gets feed but picture is starting to lag a little bit. We tried with different devices. I'v read that slave rc talks to...
  7. S

    Replacement of TX Antenna Black or Grey

    Hey All, As you may know, each I1 foot has an antenna in it which goes back to the lightbridge. There are 4 all up, two with grey tips and two with black tips. During the repair of one of mine, the coax connector that plugs in the lightbridge controller broke and it was a black tip connector...
  8. LuRoyale

    8 MILE RUN | Inspire 1 (4 Miles each way)

    It's incredible how far our technology has come. Not too long ago we were pushing the original Phantom's to their limit by using every imaginable combination of batteries, antennas, Tx/Rx just to get out a mile. Now using the same technology we are able to cover insane distances by wringing out...