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Patchantenna 4 Hawks Raptor SR for Inspire 2

Jul 4, 2017
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Hi Fellows,

I am very happy with the new 4 Hawks Raptor SR. Range increased distinctivly. I have allways been suffering from bad video transmission, breaking off. contact to the aircraft. etc

Since I live in the EU radio transmission signal very is low by default. With the Hawks everything is fine. I can go up to three times further. Just mounting is quite a bit tricky.

This video helped a lot:


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Do you have any data showing range before and after? I'm interested in purchasing the XR myself but unsure if it's worth the money over my current setup. Currently using one of those cheap "signal boosters" you attach to the RC and works surprisingly well in most situations, just looks like a kids toy when I'm with a client.

Thanks for sharing.
hey vergz,
the Hawk4 seems to be a real solid thing. Well I did never go for the limits concerning range tests. All I can say is that in circomstances of free sight in a landscape nothing disturbing between rc and bird connection droped totally beyond 1,5 km. With the Hawk4 I got easily upt to 2 km without having problems. I was standing on solid ground, no grass. I am sure I could have gone further than that.
Great thanks, I think I'll pull the trigger and report back on my results.
When you open the RC what you`ll see is not exactly the same what the guy in the video shows. I think it`s the Phantom 4 RC, so when you are going to open the first part of the case you`ll find left and right two tiny flat cables. Ther is nothing to do but pulling them gently off. After that you`ll need to take off the aeration part in order to reach the antenna cables.

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