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DJI and Batteries....

Apr 4, 2017
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With the release of the Ronin 2 and its use of the Inspire 2 batteries..... How do you all think they will be able to keep production up of these batteries? Will they start making the TB50's universally accepted over their product line? Or will we continually face battery shortages?
Hopefully between the Inspire 2, Matrice 200 and Ronin 2 all using the same batteries they can produce more of one battery type instead of having to produce different batteries for every product (the way it has been in the past). Hopefully this also makes it easier for people to use their batteries across multiple devices and saves money by not having to own a full set of batteries for each device you have. Time will tell on timing of the production of the batteries...but at least there is not a new product they have to design, test and produce. And for dealers it is easier to keep a larger stock of a single battery instead of trying to keep enough of every different battery in stock for your clients. So far, we have been able to keep a very consistent stock of TB50s and have plenty in stock now as well.
While I would like to believe that DJI values it's customers enough to try and standardize batteries across platforms, I think it's far more likely a confluence of random factors. The TB50 is the largest battery that can be carried on a plane these days and that's a huge factor. For years DJI has been flogged for coming out with an update or new product that always requires a proprietary battery that fits only one product. It costs more over the long run to maintain production runs of many different batteries. They just kind of gave in and went with the flow for now.

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